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Sky Marathon was born on a spring evening. One of those when the darkness arrival is difficult to note and the coming warmth of the new season is accentuated by the passion that Zampatti Crescenzo and Gregorini Paolo express for the mountain environment.

Talking about mountains (for a change) they began to fantasize about a possible race between two peaks. What started as a game, a dream that nobody initially believed in, quickly led the men to begin to invest their passion and tenacity into making this idea become a reality. In fact, the day after their meeting they decided to try out a possible route and so set off for the Val Grande...

Up and down they went, between the steep cliffs, larch forests and blooming underbrush of the Stelvio National Park.

The views from the route were breathtaking, the Sentiero dell'Asino, Cimone delle Valli, the Saverio Occhi Bivouac and the Sentiero del Pastore...

But something was still missing to really make this a unique race...

That was when the silhouette of the historic summit of Monte Pagano, hove into view. ‘Perfect!’ they claimed, ‘But we cannot do this alone!’

The inhabitants of Vezza d'Oglio are known for their solidarity, especially when it comes to appreciating their beloved mountains.

It was only necessary to express the desire to organize this event in order for a large group of volunteers to offer a hand to these two dreamers.

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